Bits In Bytes: Fourth Year Media Arts Exhibition

Featuring MEDIA CREATIONS by students in FILM4101:
Fourth Year Projects


All Jokes Aside
A Podcast about Comedians by Jon Barron
Learning about comedians from around the world and their journeys with comedy

All Jokes Aside Podcast features comedians talking about their experiences in life that lead them to comedy. Some tell tales of their horror stories being on stage dealing with hecklers and overcoming the hurdles of the stage. Lead by the host of the show Jon Barron, an aspiring comedian. The show talks about where comedy is heading in the current situation the world is in right now dealing with COVID-19 and touches on the progressiveness that comedy has. Comedy is a personal experience in performance for a lot of comedians, so it is important that the comedian’s personal story with comedy was shared, whether it helped them get through hard times or it was something they pushed themselves to do, it is talked about. All Jokes Aside is a podcast for people who love comedy and want to learn more about the people behind the laughs. *Explicit content warning*

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Escape New Saints
A Transmedia Puzzle Game by Kristina Beaudette, Jon Burke, Steven Ye Wang
Can you escape your mind?

Infiltrate the “New Saints’ Rehabilitation Clinic” to discover the dark secrets deep under the surface. Immerse yourself in this Transmedia Puzzle game and try to make your escape with the precious Intel; hopefully with your head still screwed on the right way.

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Who is Maria P. Williams? The Forgotten Women In Black History
A documentary web series by Karen G. Bishop

“Untold Stories: The Forgotten Women in Black History” is a five-part mini documentary limited series recognizing the life and contributions of five artistically creative black “female superheroes” in the 19th century. Episode one of the series, “The Forgotten Women in Black History: Who is Maria P. Williams” discusses the experiences of Black women in early cinema and showcases the life of filmmaker, teacher and activist Maria. P. Williams who contributions to early film have virtually gone unnoticed in society.

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A Day in Life During Covid
A Personal Documentary by Timonthy Chow

COVID-19 has been raging around the globe since December 2019. Many are affected by this dangerous virus and attempt to take various steps to avoid spreading it. Watch this video as one person in particular attempts to keep life going during this difficult time.

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First Impressions
A Podcast About Shows by Simran Dharamsey
Finding the undiscovered through randomly generated content by streaming services.

We are all hesitant to start a new show. What if I don’t like it? What if the storyline is boring? What if the characters are not relatable? We all have those fears! That’s mainly one of the reasons why we repeatedly watch the same shows, instead of starting new ones. Shows are a huge commitment especially when it’s so easy to binge watch shows in a couple of hours now. First Impressions is a podcast that discusses shows, movies or anything suggested to us by algorithm from streaming services.

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A 360VR Music Video Experience by Steven Ediriweera
A music video edit encompassing 3 different songs (Sheck Wes – Chippi Chippi / Sleepisformortals – These Sides / slowthai – Doorman)

Everything seen in this video has been extracted from images, videos, GIFs, and all kinds of visual data that I found online. I have melded together and transformed these pieces of data to the point where they are their own work entirely. This base video is intended for VR mode, which will be seen through 360 goggles. As well as the flashy, fast-paced visuals and editing, this is to enhance the overstimulating nature of the project. This video is meant to trigger a fight or flight reaction in the viewer, or at least to captivate their senses and give them physical sensations like adrenaline. The goal was to make this video almost as much of a physical experience as well as an audiovisual one. (*language warning *Epilepsy trigger warning)

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Take My Last Name
A DocuFiction by Shian Grace and Antonia Sinn

Nearing Christmas time in Toronto, a young woman is unsure if she wants to go to her
boyfriend’s parents’ house for Christmas in fear he might propose to her.

Take My Last Name is a fiction-documentary project about where last names come from and how couples decide whose last name gets passed onto their children. In the fiction, the film centres around Frances, a law student who wants to be the next female Prime Minister and wants to pass her last name to her children, despite her boyfriend’s wishes.

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A Podcast about Podcasts by Austin Kulbak

Kallbacks is a podcast where I, the host Austin Kulbak, have one-on-one interviews with a variety of members and hosts of other podcasts. I have always enjoyed listening to podcasts, but I want to know more about the people who host them, so I created Kallbacks to find out. Me and the guest will have a conversation about their life growing up, other things they have worked on, such as radio and television. We mainly talk about the podcast they are on and the podcast host with the goal of trying to get insight on who they are and reflection on it. The interviews are split up in two parts and released on various platforms. I came up with the name of the show based on my last name Kulbak, because it sounds like callback. 

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Episode One
Episode Two 
Episode Three 

Home & Back Again
A Narrative Game by Shelby D. Payocyoc
For the roots oft travelled but the stories unheard.

With Canada’s image of “peace, order, and good governance,” Home & Back Again
confronts this narrative by resurfacing the stories of trial and hardship that come with
immigration within the colonial history of North America. Home & Back Again is a 1st-person interactive narrative that follows site-specific stories within the spaces of Tkaronto. The player explores an undefined town as they listen to these stories of resilience and opposition. When certain revelations come to light at the end of the narrative, so may new perceptions of Tkaronto—and like any tale, what you believe and choose to listen to is solely up to you.

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Quarantine (with Alice Winters)
An Interactive Music Video  by Tina Phong

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A Short Animated Film by Sofia Valyaeva

TARAKAN (Russian – “Roach”). A short, animated film about 3 very ordinary humans stuck together in a normal predicament. Nuclear apocalypse has bound them not only to a bunker but to each other, and they have to venture outside sooner than later. They must sort out their priorities, but at this point they will perish faster via petty drama than starvation or radiation poisoning.  With the current state of the world, TARAKAN hopes to take a quick peek into the nature of human psyche. Will humanity calculate a way to survival? When push comes to shove, are we more advanced than roaches? Or will our emotions and human flaw still doom us in a disaster if there is no aid from above. (IN PROGRESS…)

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Where Am I?
An Interactive Game by Fiona Yiqing Wang

A story about a person who wakes up in a mysterious place, and starts his/her journey of exploring the building.

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