Fourth Year Experience

CMA4101: Fourth Year Projects

CMA4101 Media Practice IV: Fourth Year Projects is the culminating course in the Media Arts curriculum that builds on the media fundamentals introduced in Media Practice I and developed in Media Practice II & III. Using a student-led approach, the focus is on developing a working prototype as the focal point of a creative portfolio that showcases a variety of skills. The possibilities range from interactive stories or documentaries to AR and VR games, podcasts, installations, and web projects, developed either individually or collaboratively. With guidance and mentorship, students will complete a substantial creative work on the platform of their choice.

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PANF3999 / 4999: Cross Campus Capstone Class (C4)

Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom—or C4 for short—is a new and award-winning initiative that brings York students together in multi-disciplinary teams to work on year-long capstone projects pitched by non-profits, start-ups, and businesses who want to make real social impact. In September, we will work together carefully to match your skills and career goals with a multi-disciplinary capstone project inspired by one of our off-campus partners. You will spend the year collaborating with students from other departments, being mentored by a team of capstone professors and workplace experts, and earning credits toward your degree within your major—all at the same time.

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CMA4191: Field Placements

An experiential education field placement course specifically for students in the BA in Cinema & Media Studies and BFA in Media Arts. Students undertake field placements in moving image media industry sites, supervised and guided by AMPD faculty and staff. Open to majors only. Prerequisites: 60 credits and enrollment in the Honours BA in Cinema & Media Studies or BFA in Media Arts (i.e. students are eligible to take Field Placements in Year 3 and Year 4 of their degrees).